Nat Fuertes


Nat Fuertes debuted as an actor in 2019, when he participated in a film produced by Netflix, from there his desire and his motivation for this art have not stopped growing. In just a year and without prior training, Nat has worked on productions equal to Warner Bros and has projects in hand. From here he wants to start a professional training as an actor and start a good career. Leaving aside his artistic side, Nat has played basketball since he was 6 years old and is a sports lover, he is also trained in cooking, the sector where he has worked in his last years.


  • Catalan (Native)
  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Basic)
  • French (Basic)


"Life is live" Movie
Supporting actor
Director: Albert Espinosa
Released: 2020
"Xtreme" Movie
Supporting actor
Director: Abel Folk, Joan Riedweg
Released: 2010
"Sevigne" Movie
Supporting actor
Director: Marta Balletbò
Released: 2004
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