Legal notice

Company information

According to the Spanish law “art. de la Ley 34/2002 de 11 de Julio” with regards to Commercial Electronic Information Services and Electronic Trade, we hereby state the Identification data of the Company.

Name of the Company: FRANCINA SINGLA ORRIOLS (hereandafter METROPOLITAN ACTORS). Spanish DNI ID: 39146206-E Address: calle Segovia número 71, piso 5-H, 28005 de Madrid, SPAIN

On this Web Page there is contract sheet which has to be filled in by a person or company, in which personal and confidential information is requested such as name, telephone numbers, email, etc… This data will be included in our files, which are adequately registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The way this Data is used is strictly under the rules established by the Spanish Law “Ley Orgánica 15/199, de 13 de diciembre” for Personal Data Protection.

In case any person or company that has registered their personal information on our system can access this Data to correct it or delete it, the request must be sent to the METROPOLITAN ACTORS company email address.

Industrial and Intellectual property rights

The Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights of the content of this web page, the web page itself, as well as other electronic media, graphic design, codes, texts, photographs and in general the decoration and design of this web page are the sole property of METROPOLITAN ACTORS, or as appropriate, of third party suppliers of certain information and/or content provided on this page by METROPOLITAN ACTORS. based on agreements with these third parties. Consequently, it is completely forbidden to copy, distribute, disseminate publicly, modify, and in general use the web page for anything other than its intended purpose, which is the dissemination and marketing of its services by METROPOLITAN ACTORS on this web page.

In particular, it is noted that the name, trademark, brand and distinctive signs in general contained in this page are the sole property of METROPOLITAN ACTORS, and are protected by law. Logically, it is completely forbidden to use, copy, imitate, use to develop other distinctive signs or services and any other actions that may lead to confusion or take advantage of METROPOLITAN ACTORS’s reputation.

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